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UV-DTF has taken the crafting industry by storm and we can completely see why! It’s easy, quick and super efficient if you’re short on time. There’s no weeding, no hassle with thin fonts… It’s a GAME CHANGER so we are super excited to now be printing IN HOUSE 💖

UV-DTF stands for Ultra Violet, Direct to Film. 

These transfers work very similar to permanent vinyl and can be used on a wide variety of hard substrates including plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, metals, and we’ve even put them on PU leather!

So how do you apply them? 

  • Ensure that your surface/substrate is clean, dry and free from any dirt. 
  • Use a squeegee over both the front & back of the design to ensure that the design is ready to be peeled. 
  • Gently, slowly peel back the clear film (this should now have your design on) 
  • Apply your design to the substrate in the desired position. Please ensure that you are happy with the placement before applying as they cannot be repositioned. 
  • Gently, slowly peel away the clear carrier film. 


  • Whilst the designs are incredibly hard wearing and scratch proof, we would not advise that they are dishwasher safe. 
  • We advise that you wait a minimum of 24h for the designs to cure before washing.