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Digital Files - Terms of Service

  1. You are permitted to use this design to create end-products (t-shirts, cups, mugs, cards, etc)
  2. You are not permitted to use our imagery to create new digital downloads to sell
  3. You are not permitted to distribute our designs or sell them as any form of digital file
  4. You are not permitted to share our designs with other suppliers/print-on-demand companies printers other than House of Blanks Limited
  5. This design is permitted for commercial use on the basis of it being an end-product only (no transfers are permitted)
  6. You are not permitted to use these designs on a mass-produced basis - these files are small business use only. Should you require an extended licence for over 200 end products, please contact our team:
  7. For certificates, you are permitted to supply them as the end product (personalised) only - you are not permitted to sell these as a blank copy